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Pension and Retirement

Pension & Retirement Planning

This can come in many forms and have a number of complexities including but not limited to:

  • Your age – the older you are when you start saving towards retirement the more you will need to save. This is why it’s important to think about retirement savings sooner rather than later. This is even more important with the reduction of Defined Benefit schemes and the younger generation putting enough away to achieve their goals.

  • Your objectives – what sort of lifestyle do you want in retirement and how much do you need to achieve this.

  • Your current provisions – how will your current provisions help achieve your objectives and do any changes need to be made.

Our job is to help you reach the end game and leave all the hard work to us.

For further information please contact us.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We offer a range of service to meet a variety of your needs and priorities.


This can involve:

  • Lifestyle and cashflow planning – how best to strategise in order to reach a desired outcome based on your desired lifestyle either in the short to medium term or possibly the longer term.

  • Retirement planning – this can come in many forms with many complexities. Please refer to our ‘Pensions and Retirement Planning’ section or contact us for more information.

  • Protection planning – protecting your accumulated wealth and Savings planning – putting away money can be for a variety of reasons including tax planning, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation. We can guide you on the best strategy to achieve this.

  • Inheritance tax – in order to protect your family from unnecessary inheritance tax bills. Being efficient can save you hundreds of thousands in inheritance tax.

Financial Planning
Investment Advice

Investment Advice & Portfolio Management

At N2 Asset Management we believe the key to achieve long term investing success you need a clear and tested philosophy; applied in a disciplined manner. We place as much emphasis on our experience as we do on our academic thinking.

We view any portfolio as a piece of art which is drawn out and built around one specific benchmark – you.

The aim is to build a portfolio which delivers on a specified range of outcomes for each different goal or objective you have either as an individual or as a family. These take into account the time horizon, amount required and risk preference which are all identified during the financial planning process (Our Process).

The portfolio will be constructed with a diversified mix of underlying assets to meet these objectives which we review both internally and with you on a regular basis.

In order to maximise tax efficiency this can often involve a mixture of products and structures such as pensions, trusts and investment bonds.

For further information on our investment advice and our portfolio management service please contact us.

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