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We follow a simple 6 step process

Step 1


Establish and define our relationship with you 

This can be either face-to-face, phone, Skype or FaceTime.

This is for both ourselves and you as the client to understand whether we can help you and add value to your situation. There is no fee for this meeting and no obligation to move onto the next step if either party feels no value can be added. We generally find at the very least, that you will walk away with more information than you had when you first approached us.


Collect your information

We will discuss your circumstances and objectives and ultimately how we can help you achieve the latter.

We will collect information from you which is relevant in providing the recommendation along with any information about schemes or investments we are reviewing.


Analyse and assess
your financial status

We will take all the information gathered and analyse any strengths and weaknesses of your current situation and how they sit with your needs and priorities.


Develop the financial planning recommendation and present to you

After collecting all of the relevant information we will carry out the research required to consider a number of strategies relevant to your situation. 

We will develop a written plan based on the selected strategies which in our opinion will best meet your objectives, needs and priorities. Alongside the plan we will provide our rationale for coming to the appropriate conclusions so you are in the most informed position to make a decision.

We will sit down and discuss the report in detail to make sure you have understood every element. This is also your chance to ask any questions of us about the recommendations.


Implement your financial planning recommendation

Should you accept our recommendations we will agree on the way forward and provide you with all of the paperwork to proceed as necessary.


Progress meeting to review your situation

Progress meetings will usually take place every 12 months, but they could be more often depending on your preferences, need to review and type of service agreed.


This is to ensure we review:

  • Your goals

  • Your situation

  • Your progress towards achieving your objectives

  • Your risk profile

  • Anything else deemed relevant

We can then decide if any amendments need to be made to your strategy.

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