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How to save on school fees?

There are good reasons why you should consider planning your school fees payments – and the good news is that N2 Asset Management are on hand to help.

Eighty percent of parents pay school fees directly from income. Whether the fees are readily affordable or not, this is unlikely to be the most efficient way.

Whatever your circumstances are, the cost of school fees can be reduced.



Maximise your Wealth


A comprehensive plan typically involves several strategies that are coordinated to attain a shared objective by leveraging appropriate investments and savings, complemented by timely tax planning. This can lead to substantial advantages that bolster a family's overall financial wealth.



Minimise your Tax

Financing school fees through taxed income or assets that incur taxes upon release, as well as paying taxes on inherited funds, can substantially amplify the financial obligation.

However, in specific situations, we have the capacity to reduce or recover a portion of these taxes through tailored planning strategies, ultimately leading to a markedly improved financial outlook.



Reduce the impact of school fees on your lifestyle

In the end, there are methods to lower the expenses associated with private school fees. However, if you don't have the advantage of a full 100% scholarship or a 90% subsidized placement via the Continuity of Education Allowance (ACE), the options for reducing the cost of an independent education can be somewhat restricted.

Nonetheless, when you can't directly reduce the tuition fees, there are strategies to mitigate their financial impact. Through astute planning, it's possible to support your child's aspirations without compromising your own financial well-being.



Make the fees more affordable

In cases where there is more than one child, it's the years when their educational needs overlap that put the most strain on a family's budget and affordability. However, this challenge can be mitigated by employing strategies to predict and handle these peak periods effectively. This proactive approach helps circumvent the typical financial hardship, stress, and associated costs.

While it's true that it's never too late to initiate a plan, the sooner you begin, the greater your potential for savings. Additionally, extending the cost over an extended period can enhance the affordability of education, and incorporating tax planning into the equation offers the opportunity to bolster your long-term financial wealth.



Ensure continuous education for your children

The decision to withdraw a child from an independent school ranks among the most challenging choices parents may encounter. In most instances, this distressing situation can be circumvented through a blend of proactive preparation and seeking appropriate guidance.

At N2, we are dedicated to formulating plans that not only facilitate a child's continued enrollment in an independent school but also enable them to relish the ongoing advantages it offers.

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