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Disclosure helps build trust and give clarity to prospective clients.

Our Fees

Initial Discussion

We will work with you to deliver what you need. This involves first setting up a no cost, no-obligation meeting with one of our experts using the contact us page. The aim of the call is to explore your specific financial objectives and how we can help you achieve them. We will then give you a fully transparent breakdown of our charges which fall into three categories below.

Recommendation Report

After our initial call we will provide a fixed fee for your recommendation report which will depend on the scope of advice required. 

You can also elect to pay hourly if you wish.


Should you wish to accept our recommendations we would charge an implementation fee to put in place the recommendation. This can usually either be levied against the products you put in place or can be paid direct if you prefer.

Ongoing wealth planning

To manage the investments and carry out regular reviews we will charge a fee which is usually a percentage of the fund and will depend on the level of service you require and the assets you have invested.

For more information on the process please visit

Our Process or Contact us


Because of the range of complexity and time involved, it is impossible for a one fee fits all quotation. After our initial discussion we will work out how much time is involved to advise you.

We offer both fixed or hourly fees and details are provided in our client agreement.

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