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Our team are experts in the complex area of wealth planning

We want to build a wealth planning firm like no other. We get inspired by our clients, their values and vision, and their focus. This is what gets us. Our purpose is to make a difference, one client at a time.


We use facts, academic and empirical evidence, and employ no ‘crystal ball’ guessing. We have a good understanding of people’s behaviour when dealing with uncertainty. To a world of facts and figures, we add empathy - the capacity to imagine oneself in the situation of another.


Eugen Neagu



Eugen has worked in financial services since 2009, starting as an IFA with a few national firms and a network. He joined his previous company specializing in international financial advice in February 2012 as a Pension Transfer Specialist and in 2016 he was promoted to Head of Financial Planning. During this period, he became a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Financial Planner, a Chartered Wealth Manager and more recently a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. 

A former Romanian Army’s rocket scientist specialised in ballistics, attracted to financial planning by similar challenges 'in targeting’ a retirement income when dealing with uncertainty.


A retirement thinker, author of guides, and researcher in investor’s behaviour. Focused on lifestyle financial planning and client preferences’ utility. 

Outside of work Eugen enjoys reading up on investments and spending time with his family.

Our leadership team

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Alex has worked in financial services since 2010 first working in insurance and then moving onto one of the largest global life insurers as a Pensions Technical Consultant. He decided to get more involved in the international financial planning side by joining a niche IFA in the field in 2014, eventually becoming a Financial adviser specialising in investment and retirement planning. 

Alex is Chartered Financial Planner as well as being a Pension Transfer Specialist. He also holds the Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management in addition to the Certificate in Securities Advice and Dealing.

He was recently featured in Citywire as one of the top 35 under 35 financial advisers in the UK and regularly features in national and international publications on complex financial planning matters. He was also a finalist in the ‘Young Retirement Planner of the Year’ award in 2019.

Alex’s core aim is to provide a good quality service to clients, allowing the business to build itself around that focus. Clients regularly refer friends and family because of this transparent and unrelenting focus.

Outside of work Alex enjoys spending time with his wife as well as friends and family. When he can, he also likes to take up a bit of golf.

Alex Norwood


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Diane Barrett



Diane began her financial career working for a firm of accountants in Surrey and was introduced into the world of investment in 2001 working for Ashmore Investment Management in London. 

Diane continued her career by moving into the hedge fund industry, working for various boutique companies and progressing to Sloane Robinson, until she moved to an IFA firm specialising in pension advice and transfers progressing to Associate Director.

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